One of our missions here at Dipology is to provide nail products that promote nail health & growth.  In 2022, we really began to expand upon this mission by adding #nailtipwednesday post every Wednesday starting in April 2022.  We also began sharing some of our nail health tips & education through our Instagram.

This year as we expand upon that vision we want to take things a step further with our Healthy Nail Growth Challenge!


What is the Healthy Nail Growth Challenge?

The Healthy Nail Growth Challenge is an accountability challenge (no purchase necessary) because it's been proven that it's easier to reach your goals when sharing them with others.

What can you expect from the challenge?
        • daily/weekly reminders, tip & motivation
        • exclusive discount for challenge participants
        • private accountability Facebook Group
        • healthier nails than when you first started
How long will the challenge last?
The challenge will last approximately 30 days depending on how many days are in the month.  It will renew and start over the 15th of every month. 
Disclaimer:  Depending on the current state of your nails, 90 days is a more ideal amount of time you want to incorporate these new healthy habits & tips to really grow the nails of your dreams.
How do I sign up for the challange?
Sign up via the pop up on this page.  Once you're signed up you will receive all of the information to start your challenge and be set up to receive your daily/weekly notifications.