What is Dipology?

According to Oxford Languages,

ol·o·gy - noun: a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.

dip·ol·o·gy - proper noun: a brand centered around the benefits & use of dip powder to achieve your nail health goals & implementing a wholistic nail care routine that will help you maintain them.

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin Harrison, a Pharmacist & the founder of Dipology.

I created Dipology to pursue a childhood & lifelong obsession of mine...having "beautiful nails".  Dipology was born in 2020 to help meet the needs of myself & other nail obsessed individuals in the heart of the pandemic. 

 Early on in my journey with Dipology a passion for nail health really started to blossom.  I combined my scientific & medical knowledge to create several nail care products & a system that has helped me achieve the healthiest nails of my life.  

Beautiful nails are great, but healthy nails are better! 

I dedicate Dipology to the memory of my mother, Lenette.  She had the most beautiful natural nails and I always admired her nails growing up.  It's truly a full circle moment because after creating my own brand of nail products I've finally learned how to grow and maintain healthy natural nails. Now with Dipology and our line of nail health and beautification products I'm ready to help & share that with the world!