Our prescription for nail health

1.  DO NOT BUFF YOUR NAIL PLATE!  This will thin out your nails over time & proper nail prep, dehydration of the nail plate plus application is enough to create a long-lasting manicure!

2.  TRIM YOUR NAILS REGULARLY!  Just like clipping your hair ends you need to cut off those early signs of damage to your nails to prevent weak areas and breaks.  Just like with growing long hair, retention is key to growing long nails too!

3.  MAKE SURE WHEN YOU FILE YOUR NAILS YOU ONLY FILE THEM IN 1 DIRECTION.  If you file across your nails back & forth like a saw you are creating micro-tears that in the future will lead to weak areas and potential breaks.

4.  MAINTAINING A HEALTHY NAIL CARE ROUTINE IS KEY IF YOU WANT HEALTHY NAILS.  Incorporating ACV (apple cider vinegar) & hot oil soaks are 2 great additions you should add to your nail care routine ASAP!

5.  OIL YOUR CUTICLES, NAIL BEDS & UNDER NAILS AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN REMEMBER.  Dry & brittle nails break more easily than moisturized nails.  Also you don't just want your nails strong...you want them flexible so if they bend they don't break.  MOISTURE = FLEXIBILITY.